One of my favorite things about the month of July is the July 4th holiday and the ensuing celebration of freedom in our country. It is also a reminder that freedom is never really free. There are always costs associated with it. These costs always involve significant sacrifices, if not lives.

In our daily lives and specifically in the workplace we are “free to act” as we choose. But, here too there are costs and consequences for our freedom. As discussed in last month’s Omblog, we own 100% of our attitude. When faced with a situation, it is our freedom to decide what our attitude and response will be about the situation. We may not have absolute control over our thinking and feelings, but we do have the freedom to choose our response to them.

When dealing with an issue or concern in the workplace, we are free to:

  • Speak up or speak out
  • Be silent or refrained
  • Ask questions
  • Pursue due process options
  • Think and act strategically when handling the political aspects

All our actions have consequences. Some may have a negative impact or result and some may have a positive impact or result, but we are free to choose your actions and responses.