Welcome to the Ombuds Office!

The Office of the Ombuds is a resource for UNT faculty and staff. The office actively promotes and supports a fair, respectful, and safe workplace by providing university employees with a confidential, informal, neutral and impartial means of preventing or resolving workplace concerns, problems, or disputes. The purpose of the Ombuds Office is to insure that every voice at the University of North Texas can be heard, without fear of loss of privacy, retribution, retaliation, and that problems can receive impartial attention. The Ombuds helps individuals identify options for fair and equitable outcomes, and fosters civility and mutual respect. The Office supplements, but does not replace, any existing grievance mechanisms or modes of redress. The Ombuds reports administratively to the President of the University and has the full cooperation of University personnel.

We believe we can be most effective if we meet with you, but if you prefer, we will work with you over the telephone. We generally do not work through e-mail and discourage you from e-mailing any confidential information.